Individual Sessions

Being Expanded Individual sessions .

I offering  individual sessions for growth and expanding into your highest and fullest potential of who you can be. We peel off the layers that is holding you back  and remove them one by one for allowing more joy, success and health into your life. We reprogramming positive patterns and remove the negative believes from the subconscious mind . We see what is below the pain or limitation and clear it. I work with intuition and any of the processes or modalities that i am certified in  below to guide the sessions. I work in guidance with the Creator of all that is and feel intuitively  what process will best for you.



Emotional Freedom Technique- Tapping on meridian points, we accesses the subconscious mind, rewire new healthy patterns and believes. Clearing that what don’t serve us. Clearing emotional charge left on bad memories that is causing problems in your current life. Removing phobia and all limiting fears. Removing money blocks, unidentified false believe patterns. Moving you into total well being. We clear the emotional cause of physical problems or diseases. 


Reiki healing – Traditional Reiki session , energy healing.These session are very relaxing helping with stress or other physical or emotional problems .

Pranic healing– Traditional Pranic healing session  as thought by Master Choa Kok Sui .This is a powerful  energy healing technique. We work with the energy body of the client clearing energy blockages or healing deplete energy areas on the aura. Can heal from physical pains to prevention of diseases or just a general check up on all the organs vitality of the body .Clearing stagnated energy caught in the field.Prevention is better then cure.  In ancient times Pranic healing was known as medical Kung Fu

Personal Guided meditation sessions – Journey work going deep into a semi hypnosis we will heal and transform or release that what serves you no more . You are completely conscious through this journey and aware of the process. This can lead to soul contracts being rewritten, karma to be cleared, forgiveness to be done, energetic cord to be cut. Healing of an ancestral pattern.

Tarot readings- Intuitive guidance , reading your cards. I can never tell the future as you can change your future in every moment. In a reading we see what will be the best choices for you to make. And also if there is clear indication in any area of your life that need some advice, new approach or release.

Personal ritual, ceremony  sessions .-Rituals for releasing or manifesting your desires  or just letting go of things that do not  serve you any more . I will guide you through a journey of beautiful sacred ritual to help bring you more in alignment of your desires.

Theta healing – Working from the Theta brain wave , we heal and release directly with the Creator of all that is .  Removing limiting believe downloading new frequency of joy love and abundance. The ThetaHealing technique is a world renown healing method that was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995.

Body Work- Intuitive body work session, it is similar to Tai massage combined with partner yoga stretches, helping to align your body, reminding it how to be.

Movement Therapy– This  is great to help get more in touch with your body and awaking body intelligence. Movement therapy  and relearning the natural path ways of the body that we loose as we getting older. Great for learning to flow better and move or dance .Also great for just being in touch with yourself and heal your body. Through movement we can sometimes access deeper part stored in our cellular body ,through movement we can release and create new neuron pathways.

Drama Therapy- This can lead into clowning work , bringing joy, removing the masks, learning to voice project or over coming stage fright. Learning about archetypes with in yourself. Character work, transforming the negative ego.

Past Life Regression therapy- Entering in to layers of  Past Life with subtle hypnosis, you are complete aware though out the session, those that need to be revealed, those that need to be understand for clarity in this life, for agreements to be complete or cleared, for forgiveness to be done.

Energy Healing and Clearing-  Psychotherapy treatments, implant removal, entity removal and clearing you field. Working closely with your guides and my guides and the Creator of all that is. I scan and do what is needed to be done to bring you into more balance.

Being connected -Body, Mind and Soul

Well being of the self is our most important priority .When we take care of our selves the rest follows .A Healthy mind, body and soul leads to all over well being in every aspect of your life.When we are in harmony with ourself we are in harmony with the world around us .



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